Encompression Using Two-dimensional Cellular Automata Rules


In this paper, we analyze the algebraic structure of some null boundary as well as some periodic boundary 2-D Cellular Automata (CA) rules by introducing a new matrix multiplication operation using only AND, OR instead of most commonly used AND, EX-OR. This class includes any CA whose rule, when written as an algebra, is a finite Abelean cyclic group in case of periodic boundary and a finite commutative cyclic monoid in case of null boundary CA respectively. The concept of 1-D Multiple Attractor Cellular Automata (MACA) is extended to 2-D. Using the family of 2-D MACA and the finite Abelian cyclic group, an efficient encompression algorithm is proposed for binary images. KeywordsMultiple Attractor Cellular Automata, Algebraic Structure, Encompression and D-encompression.


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