Partial Ureteric Obstruction in Newborn Rats: Long-term Effects on the Kidney

  • St Gön's
  • Published 1980 in Pediatric Research


Despite that ureteric obstructions in children are usually partial, this type of obstruction has been studied only sparsely.Knowledge is almost completely based on studies of total obstructions in adults.A partial obstruction of one ureter was created in newborn rats. At adult age, a considerable hydronephrosis had appeared. The parenchymal weight was reduced by 8 %, the blood flow (86 - Rb - extraction) by 12 %. These decreases were uniform in all zones of the kidney; in the outer medulla, however, the flow was somewhat increased. The GFR was decreased only 20 % (a true value as the considerable dilution in the dilated pelvis was taken into consideration!). There was no correlation between pelvic volume and parameters studied. - The reductions were completely compensated for by the contralateral kidney.The changes of pelvic volume and parenchymal weight were found to progress during the first weeks only.Thus, in this preparation, a partial ureteric obstruction seems to cause only moderate kidney damage, progressing only during the first weeks, compensated completely for by the contralateral side, and not correlated to size of pelvis.


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